The Ultimate Guide to Brochure Design

The Ultimate Guide to Brochure Design

If you have ever gone shopping, it’s more likely you have come across some brochures. Mostly found at cash counters or newsletters, a brochure is a powerful and effective tool for engaging and educating an audience only if your voucher is on point.

It is all about design when it comes to brochures. Compelling an audience to read all about what you’re doing is all based on a great design. If it’s not a stellar design, your brochure most probably will end up in the trash can.

Brochure Design Options and Brochure design service

Brochures can be compelling, so how do you design a brochure, you may ask? Here is the ultimate guide.

How to design a great brochure

Designing a great brochure can be easy or time-consuming, but it would be worth it in the end. But before that, here are a few things you should know:

  • Know your brand personality, like what they are and what they do. It is the first step to planning a fantastic brochure.
  • Define your ideal customer, what they need or how they think. Colour Online surveys a great help here.
  • Developing your message is the next step. What note must your brochure convey? You can write different outlines of your brochure before selecting one.
  • Determine your metrics for success is like building a formula for success. Based on mind storming, what your brochure should do and what should be included in it is determined here.
  • Setting up your budget is the final step of planning. Making sure all your idea is conveyed to your brochure in a set budget.

Designing your brochure

Here are the steps you may take to design your brochure:

  • Remembering your brand design standards is the first and essential step in designing a brochure. It may include brochure styles or color schemes based on the product or your company.
  • Always design with the mind reader. As the reader is the one to take action, making a good brochure design so the reader would take action is essential.
  • Choosing your brochure type is what you would probably work on next. What kind of fold will you be implementing? You can select from over 12 folds based on your idea for the brochure.
  • Since each brochure contains text and images that you can select, you can use multiple images based on your style and design. Just remember to use high-quality images so your brochure looks and feels flawless.
  • Finding your new style. Today brochures are of the same old design. Which negatively impacts customer’s choices. Working on the same template but recreating style can make a brochure stand out.
  • Select the perfect CTA. You want customers to take action after reading your brochure. Instead of giving all information at the end of the pamphlet, try to give important stuff out on each page. It will keep readers read it to the end.

Brochure Design Service, Evaluating and printing.

Based on planning, budget, and consumer outreach, you can evaluate and print your brochures only on selected printers. You can use the help of a brochure design service for your printing options. For printing, here are the steps you need to know.

  • Evaluate your brochure design before printing is a must. Ensure there are no spelling errors or misused information like wrong figures before sending the final draft for printing.
  • Choose a printer is the next step for printing. Not every printer can handle multiple kinds of brochure paper. Also, you might need special ink for printing.
  • Working on different printing options is the final process. Like you may need to print on matte, semi-gloss, or glossy paper. Not every printer can do that. Then there are ink and specialty processes like foil, embossing, or UV spot that you have to work on based on your brochure style.