What Really is Pitch Deck for Startups?

What Really is Pitch Deck for Startups

Every Pitch is different, and it varies according to its need. A Startup that needs an investor requires a Pitch Deck that proves its credibility. And also brings forth the business plan. To have a persuasive startup Pitch deck, one should consider the following:

An Intuitive Intro

An introduction is crucial and should contain a triggering substance. It should make the audience wonder. What lies ahead and keeps the audience gripped throughout the presentation. Your vision should be strongly evident, and it should set the base for your entire presentation

Give Solid Numbers

Providing numbers in user engagement, traffic, growth metrics, etc., can be very beneficial as most investors like to base their decision on substantial evidence that your company will work.

Show Problems and Offer Solutions

List down concerns that your target audience encounters. Followed by all the possible solutions your product offers. Use polls and statistics to spotlight the need for your product.

Ideas and their presentation

Your startup pitch deck would be a new idea. And your idea should well think your approach to explaining it through. While presenting the idea, you must consider that the audience shouldn’t get bored and lose interest.

Add a little fun element

The benefit of having a startup is you need to sound like a corporate. Add some fun elements into your Pitch in a simple way. It could be a one-liner or a meme picture. This way, you can lighten the mood of the audience and bring back their attention.

Use Analogies 

convincing about your market scope needs analogies. Use them to interact with your audience and guide them about your current and future scope.

Sell your product

Explain the need for your service using case studies. Tell the audience how there is a need for your product. How your solution will help solve a problem? or how you will be creating a need for this solution. The more options you have, ideas and solutions will trigger the more audience.

Have an exit strategy 

All investors are concerned about their investment. They need to know how to save their investment and exit at the right time. Highlight options that your investment has to reclaim the investment. Show them well thought plans that you would work on and secure them.

Keep it short

A good startup pitch deck has slides that convey the message right. Too many slides with unarranged messages will bore the investor and make him lose interest. Try to make it comprehensive and intriguing. Sentences should be well structured and easily understood by the audience.

When you follow some basic rules from above, there is no way your startup pitch deck funds. Always remember there is room for improvement every time you have something to propose. And above all, confidence is the key to success